Our Team


Mafalda Quadros
PresidentGoan in me finds any
excuse to go home

Carlos Norman Guido
Vice-PresidentYou can take the Goan
out of Goa, but you can’t
take Goa out of a Goan

Wilma Pereira
Hon. SecretaryLooking beyond all the
sad affairs in Goan
politics and still proud to
be a Goan

Lawrence Pereira
Hon. TreasurerI was born to live, not to
please everyone. A
susegad Goenkar I will

Aiona Misquita
Immed. Past PresidentMy new motto: Keep
calm & be susegad .Mog

Brian D’Lima
Managing CommitteeI need no Feni glass to
prove to be a Goan. Viva
with Apple juice! 

Samantha Pasha
Managing CommitteeFishing for her Goan
roots and loving it

Linsey De Nazareth
Managing CommitteeIn love with everything

Aldrin Dsouza
Managing CommitteeHis inside may well be
made of sorpotel and
cutlet pao than blood
and human organs

Neil Martin
Managing CommitteeDoesn’t matter we don’t
live in Goa, Goa lives in

Stephanie Vaz
Managing CommitteeEnjoys reflecting the
sounds, sights, warmth &
spices of Amchem Goa

Denzil Pereira
Youth Rep

Taking the Goan vibe
everywhere I go

Idalina Smith
Youth RepAs a Goan, hospitality to
me is not just a word, it’s
a tradition