Platini Cardoz - A Goan in the UK

Life of the Magical words…

Platini Cardoz

It’s been 3 years since I moved to the UK and not a single day passes by without saying the 3 magical words – please, sorry and thank you, to complete strangers.

Materially, life in the UK is much more comfortable. You get good quality time with your family as the working day is a lot shorter and the work pressures are way too milder when compared to India. The country has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and it is relatively easy to travel around using public transport. Like the KGA Bangalore, the Goan communities in the UK organise several socials on village feast days to help us meet fellow Goans and keep us connected to our roots. They also hold an annual “Goa Day” event where over 10,000 Goans from all over the UK come to enjoy the traditional Goan cuisine and cultural performances by Goan bands.

A walk down the high streets of Wembley, South Hall and Swindon will make you feel as though you are back in Goa. Due to the influx of Portuguese Goans in the recent years, there are even mass services and retreats held in Konkani. Every summer there are around 6-7 Tiatr being performed by tiatrist who travel all the way from Goa and the ones who are now settled here.

Festivals are one factor why we miss Goa, be it Christmas or the fun with the extended family at relative’s marriage is all difficult to compensate and most importantly the Goan seafood and sunshine. 


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