Amma’s Miracle Millets
28th August 2023

Audrey Cardozo

As it is the International Year of Millets, the KGA organized a Presentation at the Skylounge in Catholic Club on 28th August 2023. This was one of the many events planned as part of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The programme was very well organized and had a fairly good attendance. The younger members would have immensely benefitted from this educative, life-changing concept.

Amma’s presentation was very authentic, educative and enlightening. She spoke from the heart as she shared her philosophy " food is medicine " and her personal journey back to good health through her diet modification by incorporating millets. She shed light on and spoke at length about the various types of millets which could be incorporated into their diet even by people enjoying good health. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge on the varieties of millets and their health benefits. Her magnanimity in sharing this knowledge and her graciousness in answering the many queries raised by the participants was very motivating and highly appreciated. AMMA IS TRULY A MILLETS AMBASSADOR AND A GIFT TO INDIA.

The programme was well-moderated by Eslinda and her team and concluded with some delicious healthy snacks. Kudos to KGA and the Committee for this golden initiative.