"Meanderings of a Disturbed Indian” by A L Fernandez
9th March 2024

Wilma Pereira & Eslinda Louzado

“Meanderings of a Disturbed Indian” by A L Fernandez was held on March 9th, 2024, delves into the complexities of modern India, exploring societal issues, cultural clashes, personal struggles and an ongoing quest for identity and harmony.

Had a very special Book Launch and Reading along with a deep discussion on Aloysious Fernandez' book Meanderings of a Disturbed Indian.

The KGA is proud of the achievements of Al and his contribution to the improvement of many dimensions of India... from Watershed Management to Finance to Reviving our Lakes...

We are also excited that Al was recognized through the award of the Padmashree by the Govt of India in 2000.