A Medieval Tea Party
5th August 2023

Vivienne Fernando

An evening to remember for our little Knights and Lasses!

A Medieval Tea Party you say! Let’s go mama and dada said every child in the KGA family.

Our littlest members of the KGA were invited to a Tea Party organized by Elaine and her team. Set in the wide-open space of the Sky Lounge at Catholic Club, the little Knights are Lasses were welcomed with warm smiles and gentle hellos! The handcrafted décor, using recycled materials were bright and colorful.

A friendly team of KGA volunteers had the children seated on preset tables to decorate shields, swords and pretty veils. Every child had the opportunity to use the decorative items provided to add shapes, shiny tape, stickers, stars and beads to their accessories. This allowed the children to quietly observe each other and make new friends.

The MC for the evening Natasha, had the children smiling with her lighthearted quips setting each child at ease. The children were then led to play some fun games set in the theme like tailing the dragon, knocking the dragon, and throwing the arrow through the swirling ring of fire. They each took turns, while being assisted by encouraging volunteers.

Natasha then announced a parade for the kids, to showcase their costume and announce their superpower and every child spoke about their ‘Superpower’ which ranged from singing to jumping high or just being a knight to save the day! After the fun games, the children were invited to be banquet table, beautifully set with hand crafted bonfires and sparkling glasses. The feast included homemade cupcakes, together with irresistible fries and fried chicken! It was heartwarming to see the kids enjoy their banquet feast!

Finally it was time to announce the prize for the best dressed Knight – Bert Fenandoe and the best dressed Lass - Shelly D’souza . The children then decided to take over the hall and chase each other with their swords and shields and the squeals of delight only spoke of a party well done.

Throughout the evening Natasha ensured that the parents who accompanied the children had a relaxed time, watching the event from afar. I think each parent felt the warmth and love with which the entire event was planned and executed.

If you peek at the photos taken at the tea party, you will see bright, shy, funny, and confident faces as the Knights and Lasses stood for a photoshoot with the shiny props tastefully made by Elaine’s creative team.

Hats off to Elaine, Shane, Fiona, Sarah, Veroushka and Bosco who curated a delightful Medieval Tea Party.