The KGA comprises of Bangalore residents of Goan origin, with about 400 families as members.

It aims to foster fellowship amongst Goans in the city, promote Goan culture and provide assistance to less privileged members of the community.

The Association has a function almost every month, some open to guests as well.

Family picnics, celebrations of World Goa Day, St Francis Xavier’s Feast, dances like Mango Showers, etc provide opportunities for social interaction.

On the cultural front, they celebrate the Carnaval on the same day as in Goa (the last one drew over a thousand people!), have cultural shows by groups from Goa – like Tomazinho Cardozo’s tiatr “Goa, going, gone!” and Grupo Alegria’s performace of Goan dances – arrange book readings (Maria Aurora Couto’s “ Goa – a Daughter’s Story), screen films about Goa (“Aleesha” and Shyam Benegal’s “Trikal”) and even have a Goan dinner with specialities cooked by chefs from Goa.

And on the social assistance front, they provide grants and loans for education and financial help in emergencies, operations, etc. apart from regular visits to the elderly members of the community who are also treated at Xmas time with carol singing and gift hampers.

All in all, a very vibrant and active Goan association.