Looks after the governance of, and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of, the permanent assets of the Karnataka Goan Association (KGA) such Registration, Certificates & Deeds and Investments

The AMC consists of four members inclusive of the Treasurer (ex-officio), as elected by the General Body, at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Members:
Neil D’Souza, Daphne Smith, Anselm Pinto

The KGA has a mandate to promote the welfare of members of the community. The objective is to render assistance to members, offer support in emergencies and financial aid or grants to those in need. To implement this, a dedicated group of nominated members serve on an ‘Education and Welfare Panel’ (EWP) that has been in operation for over 10 years now.

The EWP is committed to assisting those who are in need to the extent feasible, in the form of advice, community support or grants, based on a request from the member concerned or the family. The EWP works closely with the KGA office bearers and committee to offer this assistance to the community.

The EWP provides financial and other personal assistance in a number of ways:

  • Tuiton Fees for schools and colleges courses
  • Books, uniforms etc
  • Medical expenses
  • Assistance in emergencies
  • Visits to the ailing members and senior citizens
  • Career advice and job recommendations

The list above is not exhaustive and each case is considered on its merits. Members can approach the EWP for assistance on behalf of other members as well.

Process to be followed when seeking assistance:

The request for financial or other support should come through a KGA member. On receipt of the request the EWP will get in touch to understand the requirement and organise assistance as required. ALL REQUESTS WILL BE TREATED IN STRICT CONFIDENCE.

While requesting for support the member needs to provide some basic information:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Email ID
  4. Area of assistance
  5. Case referred by (where applicable)

The request may be sent by email to one of the following members:

Mr Stephen Gonsalves: sagkem@gmail.com
Ms Linette Franco: linette_franco@yahoo.com

Committee Members:
Dr Olinda Timms, Ms Jennifer Lopes, Ms Debbie Rodricks, Mr Noel de Nazareth, Dr Norman Guido, Mr Oscar Menezes, Mr Stephen Gonsalves, Col.(Retd) Mario Dsouza, Ms Linette Franco

The Advisory Committee comprises of three Past Presidents elected by the General Body for a three-year term, retiring by rotation.

It is available to the Managing Committee for advice when sought particularly in matters of governance, continuity and tradition.

Committee Members:
Fausto Cardoso, Perry Goes and Francisco Saldanha

The role of the Carnival Committee is to act as a sounding board (for the carnival) to the Managing Committee, besides being available for advice, should it be needed.

Committee Members:
Perry Goes, Gavin Santiago and Francisco Saldanha