Prom Night
20th October, 2018

The youth party “Prom Night” that took place on Saturday October 20th was an amazing and fun party. The decoration was simple, yet beautiful and elegant, which suited the theme for the evening. The creative photo frame was indeed a good idea and brought about creativity within us. The music was great, food was good, the crowd was amazing and I enjoyed dancing with them. We didn't talk much, but yet as a group enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun. The reason why I really liked the party was because it was a break from all the stress of studying, which was much appreciated and worth all the effort put in it to make it a success. Even though the group was small, it left a huge impact in every one of us. Overall, my first experience and participation in such an event was great. I personally thoroughly enjoyed the evening, elegant ambience, the music and the company that I was with. We had a Prom King and Queen contest with judges finding the most enthusiastic and involved youth and I am grateful that I was chosen as Prom King along with Idalina Smith as Prom Queen. I would like to thank the KGA's Youth Reps and Mentor, President Uncle Carlos, Aunty Wilma, and the Managing Committee and all others who made this event a grand success. Looking forward to participating in more such youth events.

- Zuriel Coutinho

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