Wild Wild West - Kiddies
5th October, 2018

The kids party took place on October 5th, Friday. It was perfect timing, as most of our exams got over earlier that day.

The theme was "Wild West" and the decorations were amazing. There were ropes with hats hanging from them, and pictures of cowboys everywhere. There were many balloons and a jail in the corner. In the beginning, they sorted us age wise and gave us ribbons to indicate which group we were in. They had different games for the groups, such as apple bobbing, sack races and lasso the horse. For snacks they gave us a box with a burger, a quiche, a croquette and a tetra pack of juice. The takeaway gift was a a sheriff badge with our names on it, a bandana, a packet of chips and some sweets. Overall, the party was fun and I hope I can come for more.

Thanks to our President, Uncle Carlos, Aunty Wilma who was in charge, Cyrus, the MC and everyone who helped.

- Nina Goes